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Strategy Development

Put a solid plan in place to put your best foot forward with solid content and social media strategies and plans.


Social Media Management

Don’t have time? We can plan social media posts and work with you to create content for an affordable monthly fee.



Learn techniques for effective content creation or how to optimise your social media profiles and brand.


Come be part of the hive

The honey bee is an incredibly small organism that’s vital to life as we know it. Like bees, small and medium sized businesses are vital to the survival of the economy. Sole traders to medium sized businesses aren’t lucky enough to have the deep pockets that large companies do, and you just might not have the time or know what your audiences would be attracted to on social. You’ve got clients to see, bills and staff to pay. The last thing you want to stress about is racking your brain about what you should put up on your social channels.

That’s where Honey Bee Social comes in. With the right techniques and guidance, become a content powerhouse and attract the right customers to your business. Put your best foot forward on new social media channels when you’re ready to step up your business. Motivate and empower your teams to become part of your content hive. Really don’t have time and looking for someone to manage all your social? That’s okay, Honey Bee Social can do that too.

Content and social media campaigns don’t have to cost the earth. With one-on-one service and affordable packages, get expert advice and management without breaking the bank. Think of Honey Bee Social as your personal and affordable content and social media marketing agency for your small business.


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The Queen Bee

My name is Clementine Holman, and I guess you could say I’m a content addict! I’ve been creating marketing and content plans for nearly 5 years, and doing it for businesses of all sizes. You can find out more about my humble beginning as a social and content marketer by clicking the button below.

I started Honey Bee Social because I see small and medium sized businesses struggling every day to create great content for their industries. They have trouble finding their identity in the social space. These businesses don’t have deep pockets to afford an agency to brainstorm, create and amplify each piece of content. Many business owners I speak with aren’t even sure what content was exactly, or think “why would my customers care?” These questions and struggles are what drove me to start Honey Bee Social. 

Clementine Holman - Queen Bee at Honey Bee Social

Why Choose Honey Bee Social?


Content marketing is not just a blog anymore. It’s social posts, e-books, checklists, podcasts, explainer videos and so much more. Digital marketing is no longer just about running ads. It’s about proving you’re the expert and the best option for your potential customer, and giving them this information at the right time and in the right space. If you know your shit, and you’ve got the passion and drive that make you want to get up in the morning to run your own show, then you know exactly what your audiences wants to hear and see. You just don’t know it yet. That’s where I come in. With the techniques I’ve learned combined with your knowledge, you can become a powerhouse for your own content and social.

Running a small to medium sized business is hard, and it even sucks sometimes. Your margins are incredibly tight and you don’t have the deep pockets that the big guys have to spend on an agency. With Honey Bee Social, you get one-on-one consultation all the way. No account manager, who then passes you on to a sales team, who then shows you something that’s not “you” but insists that this is what your target market wants to see. I work with you every step of the way, making sure I understand your vision for your business and who you want to be in the digital space. Think of Honey Bee Social as a marketing agency without the hefty price tag.


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